Why Visualite​

We Are Different, Beyond Ordinary​

Integrated LED Solutions
Integrated LED Solutions

We look beyond the technical specifications of a project and envision lighting through the eyes of the people who will inhabit the space.  Though each part of a project—the setting, the optical design, the technical requirements, DesignLights Consortium (DLC) standards—is important to us, it is the intended user’s visual experience that ties everything together.

Adaptive to Challenges

The lighting industry is fast-paced and specifications are constantly shifting. Our company is highly responsive to consumers’ needs, and our efforts to anticipate and stay ahead of market demands have always serve our customers well. Our robust R&D Department, and extensive professional network allow us to remain flexible and adapt to quick changes without compromising quality.

Our Experience and Expertise
Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of experts with extensive backgrounds in lighting, engineering, communications, and firmware. We draw inspiration from diverse fields to bring creative ideas to the table. We are solutions-oriented, and we see challenges as opportunities to overcome longstanding limitations in the lighting industry by experimenting with novel methods and technologies.
Work Hand in Hand
Our business relationships are formed around partnerships. We understand that many different groups may be involved in taking a project from conception to launch, and we are committed to working with all parties to ensure the success of your lighting project. We work closely with you and your collaborators to understand the optical and environmental needs, logistics, as well as the larger goals of your project as a whole.