Electronic Control Gear (ECG) are an important type of lighting equipment that supplies the correct voltage necessary to start your lamp and controls the amount of current directed toward it. This is crucial because the voltage and current supplied by your mains electricity may not match the requirements for a given light fixture. ECG are responsible for ensuring that the power from your mains electricity does not prematurely burn out your lamp. LED drivers are a type of ECG used specifically for LED lamps.

ECG can also be used to regulate the power output, intensity, and color of your lamp. Modern ECG are increasingly incorporating “smart” and programmable technologies to afford users a greater degree of flexibility and nuance in how they choose to experience lighting. As expectations for lighting control over the years have shifted toward “smart lighting”, so too have we. In addition to the main line of ECG products listed in our standard catalog, we also manufacture custom components with more sophisticated features such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensing capabilities. Although these smart drivers do not yet appear in our catalog, we have completed multiple successful IoT lighting projects. Please contact us below for more information about our smart drivers.